Troy Creek Trout born April, 1996

The following waters were stocked with trout at least one time from 1881 to 1996.


  1. Santa Ana Mountains

    San Mateo Creek

    San Onofre Creek

    Santa Margarita River

    ----Fern Creek

    San Luis Rey River Drainage

    San Luis Rey River

    ----Doane Creek

    ----French Creek

    ----Lion Creek

    ----Pauma Creek

    ----Iron Springs Creek

    ----Will Valley Creek

    ----West Fork of the San Luis Rey River

    ----Lost Valley Creek

    ---- Canada Verde Creek

    ----Matagual Creek

    ----Pala Creek

    San Dieguito River Drainage

    San Dieguito River

    ----Witch Creek

    ----Black Canyon Creek

    ----Pamo Creek (Temescal Creek)

    ----Santa Ysabel Creek

    San Diego River Drainage

    Upper San Diego River *(In the 1930's, the F & G truck broke down in Santee, and they were then forced to plant the San Diego River with a batch of 6" to 9" ers, at the old 6th street ponds. This notation was conveyed to me in a letter from Dave Jessop. Therefore unofficially the San Diego River proper was planted with rainbows.)

    ----Dehr Creek

    ----Cedar Creek

    ----Little Stonewall Creek

    ----Milk Ranch Creek

    ----Boulder Creek

    ----Conejos Creek

    ----King Creek

    ----San Vicente Creek

    ----Fernbrook Creek

    ----Rose Canyon Creek (when the San Diego River emptied into False Bay)

    Sweetwater River Drainage

    Upper Sweetwater River

    ----Cold Springs Creek

    ----Japacha Creek

    ----Jauquapin Creek

    ----Harper Creek

    ----Stonewall Creek

    ----Descanso Creek

    ----Samagatuma Creek

    Tijuana River

    ----Al Bahr Shrine Arroyo

    ----Noble Creek

    ----Pine Valley Creek

    ----Wilson Creek

    ----Troy Creek

    ----Long Creek

    ----Kitchen Creek

    ----Hauser Creek

    ----Cottonwood Creek

    ----Campo Creek

    ----Morena Creek

    Otay River

    ----Dulzura Creek

    San Felipe Creek

    ----San Felipe Creek


    ----Chariot Canyon Creek (Borrego Sink)

    Palm Canyon Creek


    Only San Mateo Creek San Diego County, presently holds any population of returning steelhead. The following waters held populations of Southern Steelhead, some as late as 1984. These are also the waters that have the highest degree of Southern Steelhead restoration, in order of their priority.

    1. San Mateo Creek.
    2. San Onofre Creek.
    3. Santa Margarita River
    4. San Luis Rey River.
    5. San Dieguito River.

    These waters all presently hold or held populations of wild trout. They all held populations of wild trout as late as 1971. Today, some of these populations have rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) with gene markers indicating they may be descendants of early steelhead populations. Due to habitat loss and destruction, dams, and water reductions, it would be rare for any of these inland trout, to travel downstream to the ocean, smolt and become steelhead.

    1. San Luis Rey River* (above the Vista/Escondido diversion dam upstream to Henshaw Reservoir).
    2. Pauma Creek*, and its tributaries Lion Creek*, French Creek*, and Doane Creek*.
    3. West Fork of the San Luis Rey River*, and its tributary Will Valley Creek*.
    4. Santa Ysabel Creek, and its tributary Black Canyon Creek.
    5. Cedar Creek*, and its tributary Dehr Creek.
    6. Boulder Creek*, and its tributaries Milk Ranch Creek*, and Little Stonewall Creek.
    7. Conejos Creek.
    8. Sweetwater River*( above Descanso ), and its tributaries Cold Springs Creek*, Harper Creek*, Japacha Creek*, Jauquapin Creek*, Stonewall Creek*.
    9. Pine Valley Creek*, and its tributary Noble Creek*.
    10. Cottonwood Creek*( in the Morena Gorge, and above the Buckman Springs crossing), and its tributaries Hauser Creek*, Kitchen Creek*, Long Creek*, and Troy Creek*.

    There are many other waters that could hold trout for six to nine months, or even a year, but the probability of successful spawns is slim. The species of trout found in the above mentioned waters are Oncorhynchus mykiss (rainbow trout), and Salmo trutta (brown trout). All of the streams marked with an asterisk have strains of Oncorhynchus mykiss, and only Pauma Creek has a small remnant population of Salmo trutta. Several other streams were planted with brown trout in the 1960's and early 1980's, but since that time there has not been any reproduction, and all were either fished out and/or died of old age. The native trout species for San Diego County is Oncorhynchus mykiss (rainbow trout).